This cycling tour of Upper Assam and Eastern Arunachal Pradesh, the eastern most state of India takes you to the watershed of the mighty Brahmaputra River. This is where the three easternmost tributaries come together to form one of the mightiest river valleys of the world.

Exciting experiences right from crossing one of the largest rivers in India at Dibrugarh to cycling through the riverine areas of the Siang, Dibang and the Lohit Rivers of eastern Arunachal Pradesh, all the while overshadowed by the mighty Himalayan chain . Covering territories of over 10 different tribes with religious beliefs ranging from Hinduism,Theravada Buddhism to Old school Animism. This bicycle tour offers bounties of wide vistas, riding across little known villages, meeting myriads of ethnic groups and some of the better wildlife sanctuaries of the subcontinent. All the while living in some quaint family run guest houses, homestays and camping in beautiful secluded locations .