Meghalaya’ meaning the Abode of clouds is a green hilly state perched between the great plains of Bangladesh and that of Assam. Other than being the home of some of the only matrilineal societies of the subcontinent, Meghalaya also has some of the heaviest rainfall on earth. Cherrapunji and Mawsynram both in Meghalaya have taken their turns recording some of the heaviest rainfall on the planet. This is a land well endowed in natural beauty, home to some of the highest waterfalls and deepest caves of Asia.

On this bicycle tour of Meghalaya we will be riding through the west Khasi and neighbouring Jaintia hills overlooking the plains of Bangladesh, riding across deep forested valleys, gushing rivers, innumerable waterfalls, observing archery competitions, village markets and small settlements. We also include a day hike so as not to miss out the wonders that are the living root bridges.