Treks and Walks across Northeastern India

Our treks and walks of northeast India are set amidst the magnificent eastern Himalayas and its surrounding hill ranges. In the centre being the sprawled out Brahmaputra valley of Assam , in the north bordering Tibet, lies the giant east Himalayan landmass, in the east the densely forested Patkai bum and Naga Patkai ranges bordering Myanmar take over, running south all the way to Chaifil Tlang and Uiphum Tlang ranges in Mizoram at the juncture between Myanmar, Bangladesh and India. In the south the Jaintia, Khasi and Garo Hills of Meghalaya bordering the rich plains of Bangladesh completes the formation. This region is incidentally the closest that the Himalayan mountain range gets to the coast. This geographical factor added to the fact that this region also receives some of the highest rainfall in the planet has resulted in the one of the greatest diversity in flora and fauna and hence also a diverse mix of people. In all, these 8 contagious states do have much to offer when it comes down to a good walking holiday, be it leisurely walks or high endurance treks.