School Trips and Youth Expeditions in Northeast India

We offer youth travel options across northeast India. To go beyond your comfort zone, observe, understand, interact, empathise, care and create. Our youth excursion programmes are designed to be educational, interactive, adventurous, stimulating and observant. This region due to the close proximity of the High Himalayas to the coast has a compact stretch of land with a multitude of vegetation. The ecology of the region varies from alpine Tundra in the northern regions to tropical and sub-tropical rainforests in the lower areas. The central river valleys support grasslands and large wetland areas. Perhaps the same reason that makes this region so rich in its natural diversity also makes it the most ethnic, linguistic and cultural diverse region in the Indian sub-continent. The inhabitants of these 8 states speak over 220 distinct languages and numerous dialects under them. The sheer variety, be it in people, environment, history, folklore, etc makes for an ideal out of out of school experience.